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Real estate and rental property questions are the focus this week as Steve, Frank and Paul take all of your real estate and mortgage questions.

Highlights from Genworth Canada's Ontario Regional Risk Report for February 2018 plus CBRE's Canadian Market Outlook for 2018.

On this week's episode, host Henry Burris is joined by Frank Napolitano to discuss the state of real estate in the Ottawa market and how working with a mortgage professional is wise in the current sellers' market.

Steve, Frank and Lisa take all of your real estate and mortgage questions. Lenders, failed sales and the greatest time to put your house on the market are among the topics discussed.

The Bank of Canada has maintained the key interest rate target at 1.25% in light of recent trade policy developments.

The gang is back for another week taking all of your real estate and mortgage questions. Default insurance, the reason you pay more for an older condo and the current Ottawa market, are among the topics discussed. It's another episode of Open House!

No consumer ever thinks they will fall victim to identify theft or mortgage fraud. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen to you is to be aware of the circumstances to which it may occur.

Frank Napolitano of Mortgage Brokers Ottawa speaks with CTV Morning Live about getting a mortgage before buying a home.

How many showings should you be having before it's a red flag? When even real estate agents are astounded with mortgage paperwork, you know you need to work with the best Mortgage Broker!

On this week's episode, Frank Napolitano is joined by host Steve Gregory and Paul Rushforth discussing the low real estate inventory levels, mortgage rates and qualifying rates, and purchasing a property outside of the city.

A new report from a major bank states that most of Canadian consumers are in good financial shape and can handle the costs of rising interest rates.

Annette Goerner is joined by Frank Napolitano discussing purchasing a home as a single individual.